KDDI and Hokkaido University develop AI technology to realize “merging” by automatic driving

KDDI Research Institute and Hokkaido University (Hokkaido University) Graduate School of Information Science, Harmonic Engineering Laboratory announced that they have succeeded in developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology that realizes “cars that meet each other”. The technology is said to enable smooth automatic driving by detecting the behavior of other vehicles even in a merging scene.

Detects the behavior of other vehicles and enables smooth merging (Source: Hokkaido University website)

It is said that fully autonomous vehicles incorporating autonomous driving technology will begin to spread around 2020, and while development is being promoted with the aim of realizing autonomous driving, with other vehicles such as merging and overtaking. There are still issues with the collaborative technology of.

This time, in order to improve learning efficiency in complicated driving scenes such as merging, both parties will extract the target driving scenes, define the requirements for ideal driving control including cooperation with other vehicles, and act components. We have developed modularization (modularization), deep learning functions for each module, and AI technology that connects these modules. In addition, we confirmed the effectiveness of this AI technology by mounting them on a radio-controlled car, which is about one-twelfth of the actual car, and learning the complicated movements at the time of merging.

In the future, KDDI will proceed with research and development of technology for selectively and efficiently collecting data and technology using 5G, and Hokkaido University will promote the development of learning methods for operation control and realize safe and efficient movement. The company plans to proceed with research on communication that should be taken between in-vehicle AIs for this purpose.