Releases Biped Robot Assembly Kit for Beginners with 19-Axis Configuration

Okada Shoten, which operates the hobby robot specialty store “”, announced the “ISAMARO MarkII Entry Set”, a bipedal walking robot assembly kit for beginners, and started accepting reservations on the same day.

The kit is a 19-axis bipedal walking robot “ISAMARO Mark II” (selling price is about 340,000 yen) that used to use a high-spec servo motor with a maximum torque of 19.8 kg / cm and a maximum speed of 0.08 s / 60 °. By changing the specifications to a servo motor with a maximum torque of 13.0 kg / cm while keeping the number of shafts, the price was reduced to 168,000 yen.

The kit is scheduled to start shipping in early December, and the company will commemorate the announcement of the kit to those who purchased the “ISAMARO Mark II” series from November 15th to December 21st. A campaign to present a radio-controlled set has also started.

Basic specifications of ISAMARO MarkII entry set

  • Product Name: ISAMAR O MarkII Entry Set
  • Body size: Height approx. 350mm
  • Weight: Approximately 1,900g
  • Number of joints: 19 joints
  • Actuator: KRS-4031HV (× 19)
  • Wireless device: Optional
  • Power supply: Lithium polymer battery
  • Control board: RCB-4HV

Appearance of ISAMARO Mark II