The 13th Rescue Robot Contest held in 2013 will be qualifying in Kobe and Tokyo

The Rescue Robot Contest Executive Committee is planning to hold the main race in Kobe on Saturday, August 10th and Sunday, August 11th, 2013, “inrevium Cup 13th Rescue Robot Contest (13th Rescue Robot League)” (Image 1) ) Announced that it has started recruiting participating teams, and also said that it will hold a qualifying round in Tokyo this time. The application deadline is January 31, 2013.

Rescue Robot League was born as a major factor in the wake of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, and since Kobe City has joined the organizer, qualifying and final rounds have been held in Kobe. Therefore, the problem was that it was difficult for teams north of the Kanto area to participate.

However, from the 13th tournament, the Tokyo qualifying round will be held, and it has become relatively easy to participate not only in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but also in the Tokai and Hokkaido areas, or the Tokai area and Joshinetsu area from the metropolitan area. .. Up until now, the color of the contest was almost always by the teams of Western Japan, but from this time on, we have taken a step toward an “all-Japan” contest.

The 13th schedule will be held on June 30th (Sun) at Kobe Sanbo Hall, the home ground of Rescue Robot League. The Tokyo qualifying round will be held on July 7th (Sun) at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taitokan, which is a short walk from Nakamise and Sensoji Temple.

In addition, “document selection” is performed before the qualifying, but this is for selecting the team to rent the equipment. Rather than being screened by document screening, qualifying is basically done by all applicant teams. In addition, it has been decided that a special sponsorship frame for Tokyo Electron Device (inrevium is the company’s brand), which is a special sponsorship, will be set up for one team.

In addition, the “Rescue Robot Symposium 2012” will be held at the Kobe Science Museum on Saturday, December 8th, which also serves as a briefing session. The time is scheduled from 13:00 to 17:00. In addition to the explanation, lectures will be given.

Lectures include “Field Robotics Frontier” by Associate Professor Keiji Nagatani of the Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, exhibitions and demonstrations by the Kobe Municipal Fire Department Water Fire Department Special Advanced Rescue Team “Super Eagle Kobe”, and rescue of the 12th convention. “Changes in robots by improving the concept” by the “With a newsletter” team that won the engineering award. By pre-registration until December 5th (Wednesday), the capacity is 100 people.

And on Sunday, December 9th, at the Sanritsu Automation Headquarters Office (Machida City, Tokyo) scheduled from 13:00 to 16:30, for teams considering participating in the Tokyo qualifying, ” The inrevium Cup 13th Rescue Robot Contest Information Session in Tokyo ”is scheduled to be held.

This is not just a briefing session, but as a special lecture, “About the Fukushima nuclear probe Quince (tentative title)” by Mr. Eiji Koyanagi, Deputy Director of the Future Robot Technology Research Center (fuRo), Chiba Institute of Technology, and Sanritsu Automation’s IP Robo Demonstrations of “Genius-kun” are also available.

There is no entry fee here either, but as with the Kobe information session, advance application is required by December 5, and the first 70 people are available.

Image 1. poster of the inrevium Cup 13th Rescue Robot Contest. Qualifying will be held in Tokyo for the 2013 tournament