Denso Wave develops ghostwriting robot for PJ “Can robots be put in the University of Tokyo?”

Denso Wave actually held a brush at the result report meeting of the artificial intelligence project “Does the robot enter the University of Tokyo?” Held on November 14th, and instead of artificial intelligence, wrote the answer on the answer sheet. It was revealed that the robot arm “Higashi Robo Te-kun” was developed.

Answer ghostwriting robot “Higashi Robo Te-kun” developed by Denso Wave

The company has been promoting the fusion of artificial intelligence and robots, such as developing robot arms for shogi warfare, but from the idea that its technology can become a physical robot of artificial intelligence in the near future. This time, he tried to develop a substitute robot.

In fact, in the case of Shogi Den-Ote-kun, the effort was to “find the optimal solution for human skill with a mechanical approach”, but in this case, “under the same conditions as humans (operations, tools). ) To find the optimal solution, “he emphasized that the direction of the challenge is different. If the mechanical approach is acceptable, all that is required is to install a printer, and the aim is to create a situation closer to humans.

Specifically, the robot arm, which is the company’s 6-axis robot “VS series” with one axis added, is used as a dual arm, the camera is illuminated, and the system is constructed with an industrial PC. We adopted a mechanism that recognizes the answer sheet with the camera, judges the inclination from the options such as “a” and “b” on the sheet, straightens the sheet, and answers each item. ing.

The actual answer was to receive data sent from servers at multiple locations, convert the characters into vector fonts, convert them to robot coordinates, and describe them. However, regarding the stroke order, it is said that the optimum procedure for the robot is selected, and it is not the stroke order for humans to write.

Overview of Higashi Robo Te-kun

Procedures for actual writing and actual letters

Regarding this DENSO WAVE initiative, Professor Noriko Arai of the National Institute of Informatics, who is the project director, said that “one of the goals for 2016 is to become a robot” and “in 2011. Since the kick-off meeting was held, I was also asked if the robot had no body and it was artificial intelligence. ” rice field.

Written demonstration of the answer ghostwriting robot “Higashi Robo Te-kun” developed by Denso Wave