Anritsu announces options for portable spectrum analyzers for mobile base stations

On March 7, Anritsu announced the “built-in high-precision reference oscillator option” for the portable spectrum analyzer “MS2720T”.

With the rapid spread of smartphones, the amount of data flowing through mobile phone networks is exploding, and telecommunications carriers are focusing on expanding and expanding mobile phone base stations. In the construction and maintenance of mobile phone base stations, it is measured whether the frequency is within the permissible range stipulated by the Radio Law. However, a portable spectrum analyzer with a built-in crystal oscillator, which is generally used, lacks performance such as being unable to measure values ​​below 600 Hz, which are required for frequency measurement of 2 GHz mobile phone base stations. A rubidium oscillator, which is about 100 times more accurate than an oscillator, was needed.

Therefore, we have developed the “Built-in high-precision reference oscillator option” as an option for the “MS2720T”. By installing this option on the “MS2720T”, a single portable spectrum analyzer can achieve measurement accuracy equivalent to that of a rubidium oscillator. In addition, by optimizing the measurement processing procedure of the “MS2720T”, it is possible to measure up to twice as fast as before.

Anritsu’s portable spectrum analyzer “MS2720T”