LeCroy Announces CAN FD Rate Trigger / Decoding Solution

Teledyne LeCroy Japan announced on June 18th the CAN Flexible Data Rate (FD) Trigger / Decoding Solution “CAN FDbus TD” as a lineup of automotive test tools.

The solution allows you to correlate physical layer signals with protocol layer data on a single screen, allowing CAN FD triggers to separate frame IDs, specific data packets, remote frames and error frames. In addition, decoding uses color-coded overlays to clearly display different parts of the data being captured, so that different parts of the CAN FD data, such as frame IDs, status bits, and message data. Will be able to be identified quickly.

It also has a function to simultaneously decode four buses that can be combined such as using CAN FD and conventional CAN at the same time, and it is also possible to display the decoded data in an interactive table. Furthermore, by selecting the decoding result of the table, it is possible to automatically zoom the waveform of the corresponding part, so it is possible to eliminate the need to scroll and search even for long recordings.

Example of CAN FD measurement screen