LeCroy announces oscilloscope from 1.33 million yen for 1GHz, 10GS / s, 4ch

Teledyne LeCroy Japan announced on September 25, the oscilloscope “Wave Surfer 10” that realized a price of 1.33 million yen (excluding tax) with 1GHz, 10GS / S, 4ch performance.

The product uses the advanced touch user interface “MAUI”, which uses a 10.4 inch touch screen to perform all the important operations of the oscilloscope, as well as waveform positioning and zooming, cursor movement, and measurement setting. , And the result display can be intuitively operated on the touch screen. In addition to high-performance waveform search, parameter measurement, multiple calculation / analysis functions, and a unique report function “Lab Notebook” are provided as standard functions. By using LabNotebook, it will be possible to save all the displayed waveform data, setting conditions, screen images, etc. all at once.

By adding the high-performance debugging option “WS10-ADT” (price is 530,000 yen, tax not included), it will be possible to realize a high sampling rate of 10GS / s and a long memory of 32M points on all 4 channels. In addition, in terms of functionality, a sequence mode that can save waveforms for each segment, a history mode that can reproduce waveforms, two traces that can be calculated simultaneously, and 13 types of calculation functions have been added, and these are included in the high-performance debugging option. However, it will be possible to demonstrate advanced analytical capabilities to discover the root cause of the problem.

Appearance of “Wave Surfer 10”