Minimum configuration is less than 400,000 yen-Announcing an oscilloscope that integrates 6 functions such as Tektro and spectrum analyzer

Tektronix announced on February 26, “Spectrum Analyzer (Spectrum Analyzer)”, “Logic Analyzer (Logic Analyzer)”, “Protocol Analyzer (Proana)”, “Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator (AFG)”, “Digital Announced the “MDO3000 series”, a general-purpose oscilloscope for the mainstream that integrates the functions of a “volt meter (DVM)” into one unit.

Despite being an oscilloscope, “spectrum analyzer (spectrum analyzer)”, “logic analyzer (logic analyzer)”, “protocol analyzer (proana)”, “arbitrary waveform / function generator (AFG)”, “digital voltmeter (digital voltmeter) “MDO3000 series” equipped with 5 functions of “DVM)”

In recent years, wireless communication functions have become commonplace in embedded devices, and in system-level debugging, measurement issues such as digital signals, RF signals, high efficiency of the entire system, and power saving have arisen. There is. In order to meet these issues, it is necessary to use various measuring instruments, but in that case, there is a problem that engineers cannot always have the necessary measuring instruments at the required timing, while product development. It was necessary to solve the trade-off problem that the period was required to be further shortened.

The series was developed based on the company’s MSO / DPO3000 series signal oscilloscope, and made it possible to integrate the functions of six types of measuring instruments into one unit. Basically, a total of 10 models with analog inputs of 2ch products and 4ch products are prepared in the frequency band 100MHz / 200MHz / 350MHz / 500MHz / 1GHz, and 8 models other than 1GHz products can be purchased by purchasing a key code. It is possible to flexibly expand the functions (since the built-in board itself is different for 1GHz products, it is possible to expand the functions in the form of custody).

In addition, 1ch RF input (optionally expandable to RF input frequency 3GHz) that supports the frequency band from 9kHz to each oscilloscope can be used for spectrum analyzer applications, and DVM is free of charge by registering as a user after purchase. It is possible to use it (as mentioned above, the three functions of logic analyzer, AFG, and proana can be used by purchasing a key code as an option).

In addition, the sample rate is up to 5GSps, the record length is 10M points / ch, and the unique “FastAcq function” allows the frequency of occurrence using a temperature palette at a waveform update rate of 280,000 or more waveforms per second. It is possible to display low and high items in different colors.

In particular, by utilizing this FastAcq waveform capture mode, it becomes possible to reliably capture rare phenomena at the “detection” stage in debugging work, which makes it easier to grasp the state and shortens the debugging period. It becomes possible to plan.

Overview as an oscilloscope

In addition, as a spectrum analyzer function, it is possible to capture related spectra up to 3 GHz at a time, and as a protocol analyzer function, it is possible to display the path decoded on the oscilloscope, so it was decoded. The data can be viewed as packet-based data in the physical layer, or as an event table. In addition, by utilizing the functions of AFG, it is possible to realize the reproduction output of test signals, stress tests, etc. with one measuring instrument.

Overview of various functions of “spectrum analyzer”, “logic analyzer”, “protocol analyzer”, “arbitrary waveform / function generator”, “digital voltmeter”

In addition, each product is equipped with a passive probe that achieves a low load capacity of 3.9pF for the number of channels as standard equipment, and the 1GHz model will be equipped with a 1GHz passive probe as standard equipment (lower model 350MHz / 500MHz). The product will be provided with a 500MHz passive probe, and the 200MHz / 100MHz product will be provided with a 250MHz passive probe).

The main body adopts a user interface for 11 countries on a 9-inch display. Performance such as 5GSps A / D converter (ADC), 8.25GSps sampling speed (logic analyzer), 250MSps D / A converter (DAC) (AFG), band capture up to 3GHz (spectrum analyzer), etc. By utilizing the proprietary ASIC and IP to fit in the body, the time domain and frequency domain are realized on one board, and the full-function AFG is also integrated. A compact housing (shared by the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer ADC) has been realized.

Overview of MDO3000 series user interface and built-in board

As for how to use it, it is basically designed so that you can use various functions with an oscilloscope operation feeling, and when switching functions, for example, if you press the RF button, it will switch to a spectrum analyzer and you can press the ch1 button. Switching is possible by simply pressing various function buttons such as pressing to return to the oscilloscope (logic analyzer function button, proana button, AFG button are available, and for DVM, select the item of measurement digital voltmeter. In DVM, the input is shared with the oscilloscope from 1 to 4 channels, and it can be used for both simultaneous measurement and individual measurement, and it is also possible to measure voltage and frequency at the same time.

The price of the main unit is as follows.

  • MDO3012 type: 100MHz 2ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 396,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3014 type: 100MHz 4ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 468,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3022 type: 200MHz 2ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 468,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3024 type: 200MHz 4ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 527,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3032 type: 350MHz 2ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 817,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3034 type: 350MHz 4ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 978,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3052 type: 500MHz 2ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 1.04 million yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3054 type: 500MHz 4ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 1.33 million yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3102 type: 1GHz 2ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 1.24 million yen (excluding tax)
  • MDO3104 type: 1GHz 4ch analog input + 1ch RF input Mixed domain oscilloscope 1.65 million yen (excluding tax)

Price of MDO3000 series and price of various options (tax not included)

The appearance of the MDO3000 series. The AFG port is on the back.In addition, if the functions are expanded, the model name printed on the chassis cannot be changed, so a sticker indicating what upgrade has been performed will be attached to the “Upgrade Label” on the back.