SEGG announces crystal oscillator measurement system capable of measuring frequency characteristics of admittance

Seiko Easy & G (SEGG), an affiliate of Seiko Instruments Inc., which imports, manufactures, and sells radiation measuring instruments and physics and chemistry measuring instruments, simultaneously measures minute mass changes and viscoelastic changes on July 23. , And announced the crystal oscillator measurement system “QCM922A” that can measure the frequency characteristics of adminance.

This product is a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) device that measures minute changes in mass using a quartz crystal unit. Specifically, the mass change is measured using the principle that a minute mass change of an object adhering to the electrode surface is proportional to the resonance frequency change when the crystal oscillator resonates and vibrates due to the applied AC voltage. The “QCM922A” announced this time adopts a separately excited oscillation type as in the conventional model, and measures the change in mass of the electrode surface as the change in resonance frequency and at the same time measures the change in resonance resistance, which is an index of the change in viscoelasticity. Used for research and development in a wide range of fields such as gas phase analysis of humidity and odorous substances, film thickness measurement of film formation by plating, measurement of interaction between biopolymers such as proteins, and real-time monitoring of polymer formation and decomposition. can. In addition to the normal measurement mode, in the admittance measurement mode, information on viscoelasticity other than resonance resistance, which was often requested in the material field, was obtained, and quantitative physical property evaluation became possible. Furthermore, the basic performance has been significantly improved even in the normal measurement mode, and while the conventional model supports resonance frequency measurement up to 10 MHz with a measurement interval of 100 ms, a resonance frequency of 0.1 Hz, and a resonance resistance of 0.1 Ω unit resolution. The product achieves high resolution with a measurement interval of 10 ms, a resonance frequency of 0.01 Hz, and a resonance resistance of 0.01 Ω, while supporting high-sensitivity measurements with a resonance frequency of up to 30 MHz.

The price of the “QCM922A flow cell system” is 2.05 million yen (excluding tax), the “QCM922A batch cell system” is 1.88 million yen (excluding tax), the “QCM922A dip cell system” is 1.94 million yen (excluding tax), and the “QCM922A”. EQCM system (without potato stat) is 2.25 million yen (excluding tax). It will be on sale from July 30th.

SEGG crystal oscillator measurement system “QCM922A”