Spectris Announces Hydro Sight, Laser Diffraction Particle Countermeasure Accessory Accessory

Spectris announced that it will release the wet accessory “Hydro Sight” for laser diffraction particle size distribution measuring devices on November 26th.

By incorporating the “Hydro Sight” into the sample flow path of the laser diffraction type particle size distribution measuring device, it becomes possible to confirm the dispersion state of the sample with a real-time image. Since it is possible to confirm the state in which the sample is measured with an image, it is possible to set more appropriate dispersion conditions, and it is expected that the stability of the measurement result will be improved.

In addition, even if an unexpected measurement result is obtained, the state of the sample can be visually confirmed, which enables more accurate investigation of the cause, which leads to shortening of time for studying countermeasures and improvement of accuracy.

The pixel size is 1.4 μm x 1.4 μm and the display range is 1.4 μm x 1400 μm. The measurement range is 9 μm to 1000 μm (depending on the sample).

The product will be exhibited at the “International Powder Industry Exhibition Tokyo 2014” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 26th.

“Hydro Sight”